Dayoub Marketing, Inc. is an international company headquartered on Lake Erie in Western New York, through our business stretches from Mexico to Canada. We grow hundreds of acres of green and red cabbage and vine tomatoes. We also grow specialty cabbage, such as nappa and lobok, for the Asian produce market. In addition, we have worked for decades with a network of local growing partners dedicated to producing the highest quality produce-not only cabbage, but onions, melons, beans, squash , and other healthy foods.

If this weren’t enough, Dayoub grows winter product on its Jacob Farm operation in Florida, for year-round service from strategic locations. We constantly innovate to meet the produce needs of the market, the moment, and the future. For over 75 years, our commitment to excellence and individualized service has been our key to success.

mission statement

We will give our customers the finest, most wholesome foods possible. We are committed to GAP and GMP standards, to participating in third-party audits, and to maintaining a sound Food Safety Management Program. Our great team of people will keep hazards out of our product- Healthy food, enjoyed in restaurants, food services and kitchens from the East to the Midwest.